You found me at the right time!

The right time to get disruptive and put more value in your Company

I help you find the INNOVATION that will grow your business

I developed a smart and easy process, that clarifies which ideas should be considered profitable innovation for your Company and which shouldn't.

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get disruptive NOW, before your Company gets sick!

Disruptive innovation is the name of the game. If you won't do it, for sure somebody else will. And then you'll become disrupted.


We explore towards the next BIG IDEA

person standing on round yellow painted surface
person standing on round yellow painted surface

My solid professional background mixed with a crispy creativity will blend into several 1:1 meetings, workshops and presentations.

We'll explore your ideas, new ideas, any ideas to find exactly the BIG IDEA.

there is a clear difference between making a product better and disruptive innovation

If you'll make your products better for the existing consumers, we'll call it sustaining innovation. If you decide to look after new markets or different solutions for low-end consumers, then we'll call it disruptive innovation.


Get ready to challenge the status-quo

You can't bring disruptive growth to your company by doing the same things. We'll put aside the old habits and welcome the disruptive thinking.

don't invest in a creative idea just because you think it's disruptive!

Not every creative idea has disruptive potential. It's important to correctly assess your ideas, so you can set your investment and expectations accordingly.


Today it may be already too late.